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Urban Modern Interior Design

About Us

EL Interio was founded by Tanveer, an interior designer with experience of working with architects and in film production. Before starting this company, Tanveer received the formal education required to become a successful and sought-after interior design specialist, which culminated in him receiving a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Amity University. His passion for interior design forms the ethos for the entire studio, and this passion is evident in every project the studio undertakes.

Our interior design studio is located in Haldwani, Nainital, Uttarakhand. We don’t just limit our service to the surrounding area though, as instead we are able to give remote interior designer consultations, to clients throughout the world.

Our interior design service is available to all, from those looking for a simple redesign of a room, all the way through to those looking for a complete residential or commercial projects. We also pride ourselves in being able to source the highest quality bespoke furniture, specially made to complement your newly revamped space.

Tanveer Alam Ansari

Founder / Interior Designer

Toqeer Alam Ansari

Co founder / execution Manager



Interior Designer



Interior Designer

Our Design Process

​We recognize that every project is a completely unique one, and that every client has their own personal requirements.


We find that nearly every project follows the same rough design process though, which we’ve refined over our many years interior design services.


However, we always remain flexible, treating every project as a unique one and providing a bespoke service to all.


We’ll also keep you in the loop at all times, adapting our plans to any feedback you give.

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